Hotel in Rimini for vegans and vegetarians


St. Moritz, a hotel in Rimini for vegans where cuisine welcomes and doesn’t divide

Our cuisine welcomes and doesn’t divide. Mealtimes are a time to share different ideas, but there are no factions, only the joy of great food.

Love and creativity at our hotel in Rimini for vegans and vegetarians

At our hotel in Rimini for vegans and vegetarians, those who have embraced a healthier, more ethical and conscious lifestyle or those who simply wish to discover new flavours can enjoy dishes prepared using vegetables, cereals, pulses, seitan, tofu and tempeh that our cooks prepare with love and a pinch of creativity. Just enough to create new recipes or re-elaborate those of our great farming tradition that have been handed down for generations and that keep alive the passion for eating healthily thanks also to the fruits of the land.

Dishes for vegans and vegetarians at our hotel in Rimini

The vegetarian menus served at our hotel in Rimini include many delicious dishes prepared using vegetables and top-quality vegan and organic products. They all have one thing in common, the wholesome flavours, fragrances and colours of our land.

Vegetarian and vegan full-board in Rimini

“If you can’t have eggs, you can eat durum wheat tagliatelle and you have to try strozzapreti and gnocchi!”

And if you want to enjoy an authentic traditional first course there’s nothing better than passatelli and cappelletti served in vegetable broth of course.

Or sòpa sla zvola, soup made using white onions from Santarcangelo, the ‘blonde’ ones as they’re known here, delicious and sweet even if they sometimes make you cry.

Meanwhile, bread is the key ingredient in an old vegan main course. A rustic, simple yet comforting soup that many older people in Romagna remember with love and affection, pancotto.

In reality, there’s always a great choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes. You can try new recipes or traditional dishes made using organic products and vegetables. At our hotel in Rimini for vegetarians and vegans there’s not only seitan, tofu or tempeh in our main courses, but also potatoesbeanstomatoesonions and many other fruits that the land gives us in spring and summer, along with fresh pasta prepared every morning by our master pasta makers. And every day there’s also a rich buffet of fresh fruit.

And to end your meal, of course, our delicious vegan desserts, free from milk, butter and eggs that are delicious and have nothing to envy traditional desserts; for example, saffron panna cotta and fruits of the forest cheesecake.

Vegan piadina at our hotel in Rimini

How can we fail to mention piadina, an icon of flavour that even in its vegan version, using extra-virgin olive oil, is a delight for the palate, as is the legendary cassone (folded piada) filled with wild poppy stems.

In vegetarian menus, piada is served with delicious local cheeses such as Fossa cheesePecorino or soft Squacquerone.

Typical vegan wines at our hotel in Rimini

Every dish must be accompanied by the right wine, preferably one that has been produced locally. We serve wines from the hills of Rimini that you can savour at our hotel for vegans in Rimini: choose from Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Rebola, Biancame and Trebbiano.

And this is only an example of the comfort food served at the St. Moritz that can satisfy even the most demanding gourmands looking for traditional flavours in veggie version.