Hotel for kids in Rimini


Hotel for kids in Rivazzurra

We’re not the traditional family hotel, but a hotel for kids in Rivazzurra.

We don’t have a babysitter, but if you want, we can find you one.

We don’t have a pool or even inflatables. We have a water park on the beach, called Beach Village; it isn’t ours, but you can use it as if it were.

It’s free to get in and you’ll be there in a hop, skip and a jump.

Instead of a kids’ games area, we have a special corner of the veranda where they can let their imaginations run wild and Fiabilandia, the first theme park in Italy that has delighted so many kids over the years, is a “stone’s throw” from us.

It’s also a 15-minute drive to Acquafan and Oltremare and a short walk to the heart of Rivazzurra and the piazza on the beach, which hosts a variety of events, games, and evening shows for the young and the young at heart.

Hotel for kids in Rimini where you can enjoy a carefree holiday

At our hotel for kids in Rimini holidays are carefree.

We offer everything that kids and their parents could need to enjoy relaxing days and mealtimes.

We have spaces tailored to children’s needs with highchairs, cots and beds with safety barriers. And if you can’t fit a bottle warmer in your suitcase or a pushchair in your car or if you’ve forgotten to pack them, don’t panic, we can lend them to you!

Hotel for kids in Rimini near the sea

Our hotel for kids in Rimini near the sea means it’s just a two-minute walk, hand in hand with your kids, to the beach.

There, every morning from 9:00 am to midday and then again in the afternoon, you can make use of our free babysitting service and let your kids give full rein to their imagination.

Rimini beach is the ideal place for them to run around, swim, build sandcastles and play with friends on the swings and slides.

Hotel in Rimini with cuisine for kids

If you have a new-born baby, at our hotel in Rimini with cuisine for kids we’ll help prepare dishes to wean them.

Leave all their food at home because you’ll find fresh vegetable broths, steamed meat and fish and delicious fruit smoothies here. And if you have older kids, we’ll give you the chance to create menus with their favourite dishes.

For kids with food intolerances, you should know that our waiting and kitchen staff have been trained to focus particular attention on preparing dishes for those with intolerances, to avoid contaminating dishes, starting with breakfast.

You can tell us the foods your kids are allergic to when you book and we’ll decide their menus together!