Hotel in Rimini serving traditional cuisine


The flavours of Rimini, between the land and the sea

At our hotel in Rimini we serve traditional cuisine and our dishes speak for themselves – Taiadeli (tagliatelle), Caplétt (pasta parcels), Pasadein (passatelli), Brùdet ad pès (fish stew), Sipia e psarel (cuttlefish and pea stew), Rustida (grilled fish)… the language of the recipes of grandma Ines is the language of ‘poor’, wholesome cuisine where the countryside meets the sea; dishes with strong flavours that delight the senses and the palate. The key to happiness.

Breakfast is a great start to the day at our hotel in Rimini with traditional cuisine 

At our hotel in Rimini, breakfast is savoury, just like the breakfast typically enjoyed by local farmers, with piada flatbread, breadcold cutseggs and bacon. But don’t worry, because in our buffet, sweet and savoury are in perfect harmony. So, alongside organic honey and jams, fruit juices and smoothies you’ll also find freshly-baked biscuits and cakes and… a good dose of positivity to get the day off to a great start!

Menus at our hotel in Rimini serving traditional cuisine

At our hotel in Rimini which serves traditional cuisine, our dishes boast all the flavours of our land. The identity of our territory is on our tables, every day, at both lunch and dinner. We prepare all the ingredients the Adriatic Sea and the hills of Romagna offer us with love. We listen to nature and respect seasonality. We knead, roll out and cut our pasta by hand, just like our grandmas did. Our meat and fish menus, which vary continually, don’t only offer simple dishes, they tell a story that links us to them and that we love to remember.

So, we serve strozzapretipassatellicappelletti, pasta and bean soup, cuttlefish and pea stew, hunter’s-style rabbit, piadina with cold cuts and cake… every mouthful is pure poetry and it’s impossible not to ask for more.

And not to mention grilled food, which is such a serious business in these parts that we’ve dedicated a special event to it: Gradéla.

Hotel in Rimini for vegans and vegetarians

Our hotel in Rimini for vegans and vegetarians doesn’t only serve fish and meat, but also lots of dishes prepared using cereals, pulses and fresh, organic and locally-sourced vegetables.

So, just like Rimini, our cuisine also has two souls… and if on one hand, it embraces a fun-filled lifestyle, on the other it looks towards a healthier lifestyle, marrying both vegan and vegetarian food philosophies.  

Hotel in Rimini for food intolerances

It can sometimes be difficult to organise a holiday in Rimini for celiacs or those who suffer from food intolerances or allergies in general, such as for example, nut allergies or intolerance to lactose (the sugar found in milk) or gluten (celiac’s disease), and many more.

Our waiting and kitchen staff have been trained to pay particular attention when preparing dishes for those with food intolerances to avoid contaminating food… and this starts with breakfast. Excellent dishes designed to satisfy lovers of good food, with a focus on trying to satisfy every exigency. For example, on request, every day we prepare dishes at the hotel using Schär flours, starting with homemade cakes for breakfast.